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Join the fight to save our community hospitals
Join the fight to protect our community beds !
Dementia Care in Cornwall - is it fit for purpose ?
Dementia Care in Cornwall -  is it fit for purpose?
The fight to save Edward Hain Hospital continues
The fight to save Edward Hain Hospital Continues
The NHS at 70


St Michaels NHS 70th Celebrations


West Cornwall HealthWatch is a voluntary, independent campaigning health watchdog serving West Cornwall since 1997.  

We monitor developments in the old  Kerrier and Penwith  districts  and campaign to safeguard and improve existing services provided in West Cornwall by the N H S and healthcare services.

Do you have a story to tell

PATIENT STORIES - Do you have a story to tell about your experiences of  Cornwall's NHS or Socail Care Services ? Share with us  your stories - good or bad. By sharing your experiences  with us we can help promote the good bits and highlight  areas  not so good. Submit your story  here .

Current status at Minor Injury Units Cornwall

MINOR INJURY UNIT's  in Cornwall. Check out the lastest waiting times for MIU's in the County . Live NHS  link  undated every 15 minutes . VISIT  HERE

 DEMENTIA CARE . Concerns grow with lack of Dementia care in Cornwall. West Cornwall Healthwatch report on growing number of people with  Dementia in Cornwall amid reduced local services. Read the full article.

 THE NHS NEW LONG TERM PLAN  released January 2019.   The NHS has written a Long Term Plan so it can be fit for the future and is based on the experiences of patients and staff. Read the details here .

How does the NHS work ?

 Confused about how the NHS  in England  works ?  The Kings Fund have pruduced a 10 minute video 

Community Hospitals should be turned into re-ablement centres

New publication  by Dr Peter Levin regarding Community Hospitals in Cornwall. Three are under threat of closure on dubiois evidence .  Read Peter's  report  for turning them in re-ablement centres.   Read the full report

Find your nearest defribrillator

Do you know where your nearest Defibrillator is?  Knowing it could save a life.   With thanks to the Ronnie Richards Memorial Charity visit  PAD FINDER

Recent news and views

Care Homes in Cornwall are closing as Cornwall's population is getting older. Cornwall is now classed as having a Super- Ageing Population at a time local health care services are under severe pressure.
Report on our meeting with South West Ambulance Trust . Encouraging responces although still important questions left unanswered.
Why are we all being let down let down by a social care system not fit for the needs of the 21st century.
The new set-up at the Edward Hain hospital building in St Ives is receiving plaudits for its work as a day centre. Plans are being developed for a ‘community-based model of care’. But the loss of inpatient beds is being glossed over.
Can RCHT be brilliant ?
Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust (RCHT) have been presented with a "Journey to Brilliant " strategy for 2019 to 2022. RCHT provide acute and emergency services to two thirds off Cornwall's population. "Journey to Brilliant " is an important document with a series of aspirations and raises series concerns. Read our thoughts on "Journey to Brilliant".
Medical treatment has been free at the point of need for over 70 years. For that we are the envy of the world. But what are real costs of medical treatment? First you have to be able to afford to get there and back. In a rural community such as ours we have a large dis-advantage. Getting to an appointment can be taxing and expensive.