Do you need urgent NHS care in Cornwall? Then contact NHS 111




 Published 13/07/20

There’s a new system covering the whole of Cornwall if you need urgent care – but not emergency  care.

Contact NHS 111 by phone or online at any time 24 : 7 . You will then be advised where and when you will  receive the best treatment for you.


This is a new way in Cornwall to coincide with the reduced capacity in Emergency Departments due to social distancing. Truro A & E ‘s capacity for instance has been reduced from 40 down to 7.   Anyone turning up without having contacted NHS 111 first may have to wait a considerable time until capacity is available.

It is being introduced to coincide with the anticipated influx of tourists and increased demand.  We have been assured that by contacting NHS 111 you will get a rapid response and it will mean you get the right treatment, probably closer to home.

The Cornwall scheme is one of several being introduced around the country in response to the pandemic.

If you wish for additional information please visit NHS111 website:

If you have used the new NHS111 service please let us know how it went.  CONTACT US